We have the same price for any language pair – from a foreign language into Russian/ Belorussian and back – it is BYR 850 per source word. You approve the cost of the project prior to the commencement of works and it will remain the same, even if we will have to perform a larger scope of works than expected.

We translate all your projects using translation memories. CAT-tools are professional translation software and they are NOT automatic/ machine translation systems. A CAT-tool counts repetitions and 100% matches with previously translated segments. As a result, you can significantly reduce the cost of translation.

After presenting your text for a quote, you will see for yourself the amount of savings and be able to compare the quote with other offers. Furthermore, we can provide a free test translation of one page for corporate customers so that you could compare the quality of translation in addition to the price.

What are the functions of CAT-tools?


Any translation consists of a source test (for example, in German) and target text (for instance, in Russian.) As part of translation process, the specialized software associates a source segment with a target one and record each translated segment into the translation memory. When moving to the next segment, the software checks if this (or similar) sentence has been translated before. If there are any matches in the translation memory, the software automatically inserts a translated segment which save the working time of a translator and your money!

Let's take, for example, the analysis of one of our previous projects:

  1. Let's consider an example of text analysis (we can provide such analysis for every project and you will see the cost to the nearest cent).


We can see that the project consists of 62 files. The total amount of words is 72,119. Let's assume that the price per source word is BYR 850. So the cost of the project will be 72,119*850=BYR 61,301,150.

However, there are repetitions and matches in the text. Let's consider this example in detail:


The highlighted amount of words include "new" words (i.e. not found in the TM.) These are new words and matches of 50 % to 84 % as to process the segments containing such matches, a translator will need as much time as to translate a new segment. The price for this amount of words will be 100 % of the base rate (BYR 850). Total: 22,725+1,208+2,868=26,801 words at the cost of BYR 22,780,850.



We have translated these words before and translation memory contains similar segments. A translator will need less time to process these segments, as he or she will only have to check the accuracy of the match and delete/ add a few words. Therefore, the price for this amount of words will be 50 % (BYR 425 per source word). Total: 4,269+10,461=14,730 words at the cost of BYR 6,260,250.


We ALREADY have the highlighted words in the translation memory. A translator will only have to check the accuracy of the variant suggested by the software. Time expenditure is minimal and the price for this amount of words will be 10 % (BYR 85 per source word). Total: 22,399+6,447+1,742=30,588 words at the cost of BYR 2,599,980.


BYR 22,780,850 + 6,260,250 + 2,599,980 = 31,641,080.

Compare: the project cost without using a specialized software is BYR 61,301,150 versus BYR 3,641,080 with the use of a CAT-tool. Savings amount to nearly 50 %.

Other Benefits:

  1. As we translate more and more texts for you, translation memories will have more translated words and savings will increase!
  2. You can search for both segments and words in a translation memory. This means better consistency as the same term will always have the same translation.
  3. A possibility to use previously translated sentences reduces the time a translator needs to perform the work and you'll get back a translated project much faster!



• Business solutions: the highest priority and a personal adviser.

• Everything is easy: we will undertake all the routine procedures.

• Hi-tech solutions: we create translation memory databases and glossaries to provide for sustainability and consistency of your translations.